Thursday, July 08, 2010

Little Cabin Home On The Highway

This Monday we were all sitting around breakfast and "Fun Mommy and Daddy" decided to take us all to the park.
So we all packed up and headed out all 10 of us to the park that was an hour away.

Well about half way there (way out in the country where you don't get cell-service)we all started hearing a rather odd sound.

Sort of like"thump~uh~thump~uh~thump".
Not wanting to panic or anything we all just kind of looked at each other sort of like
"Umm... Did you hear a sound?"

Well sure enough we all heard it so we pulled into the fire dep. and Daddy looked around in the engine.
And while we all sat in the car I took some pictures.
This is a photo of the little house that was across the road from where we where sitting.

Anyway the belt that runs everything had come loose so we turned around and came home.
But we had fun riding in the car together laughing and telling stories.

By the way "Little Cabin Home On The Hill" is a bluegrass song.

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