Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy 17th Jessica!!!

True, I am not a very good sister because the other day I asked Jess how old she was because I thought she was 19!!!
Much to my relief she told me that she was only 16 about to be 17(if she were 19 I would be 17).
But to day is her 17th birthday so I will tell you how great she is.

First of all she is always the brave older sister even when we get roped into doing crazy things like play that song at the bluegrass festival that none of us knew.

And then the time at that wedding that we played at where she had to play harmony all by herself because I got SOOO lost and couldn't find my place again.

And she does fun things like order tons of wheat berries by the truck load.

And she lets me play my friends instruments even when I shouldn't.
Sometimes she even joins the fun.

And she hosts Film Festivals that are SOOO much FUN even when she has to speak in front of 200+ people.

Happy birthday Jess.


Joy said...

Happy Birthday Jess!!!!


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