Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Film Festival Photos- but only the beginning!!!

Here are a few photos of the Film Festival of last night. 
We took all of these but a real photographer with a really cool camera took all of the photos during the actual event so as soon as he finishes editing those I will post them.
For now here are a few of us setting up on Sunday and Wednesday and at 3:00 on Thursday.

Jamie and Sarah looking cute.

Ryan was super excited because his best friend was coming.

Water break!!!

Rachel has her programs to hand out.

Daddy and Michael W.

Michael and his wife, Rachel, were judges and he offered to do our sound for us but then he got sick with a really bad case of the flu and couldn't come.

Daddy and Rachel.

Sarah, ready to start.

All the "Gear."

Jamie explains about the seating.

Ryan shows how to NOT walk down an isle.  

Jamie charges the batteries.

Ryan checks the lighting.

Working on some last minute things together. 

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