Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Poet From A Very Young Age

I bet a lot of you did not know that I was a poet in my earlier years. 'Tis true. I inherited that ability from my dad who, when he was young, wrote a poem(something about sitting in the crawlspace) which my grandmother still has framed on a wall in her house. 

Today while cleaning her room my sister found the following poem which I will share with you; complete with original spelling! Disclaimer: I wrote this a very long time ago during a very long boring car ride on my way home from the beach. I don't know what it is about, and I can spell a whole lot better now.

Ahem... And now:

The Duck by Miss Erin Pritchett(approx. 6 years old)
Come to me my darling
said the Duky to the lamb
But the lion eat a starling
replied the bewillderd lamb

The ocen is so cool
But the Egale is so crule
but yet... the lamb passed
thru the danger vast

and thear they were togather
hearts as lite as a feather
eating grass and seed
the lamb growing as a weed

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