Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rachel and Me

 For those of you who don't know me or my twin, Rachel, this is exactly what we are like.
If Rachel says she is going to clean her room she cleans it. 
If I say I am going to clean my room I am going to think about it at least 75% of the time.
I once read a book that said that Perfectionists are analytical.
Ain't that the truth! 
We both get the room clean, but it takes me longer because I have to think about what the best way to do it would be.
Rachel's method probobly works better, but I'm not sure... I'm still thinking about it. :)

And while we are talking about it...
Happy Birthday Rachel!!!


Fun Family said...

You're the best!
I love you

Eden said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! And being that Erin is Rachel's twin....... Happy Birthday Erin! :D


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Happy Birthday to you both!!! :D

I'm kinda of late, but if you had been born a few days later, I would have been on time! ;)

I totally forgot that it was your birthday... :-\ I really ought to remember because my BD is two days after.

Hope you guys had a wonderful day!