Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Great Holiday

So most of you who read my sibling blogs have already read this post(or one very similar) and I am sure you don't want to read it yet another time. So if that is the case you can stop reading if not you can keep reading.
Monday we went rappelling for the first time... EVER!!!
A couple of weeks ago we had our friends, the P. family over for dinner and we talked about going rappelling together. So when their kids were on break form college this Monday they invited us to go rappelling with them. So we did.
I was a little nervous about doing it for the first time with people watching. I usually like to practice things by myself and know what I'm doing before I let other people see me. that is why I run on an abandon drive way near our house... because I'm not a good runner and don't want people to see me.

But, that aside, everyone was very encouraging and I didn't feel too silly... except for the time that I ended up upside down. But we will talk about that later. Later as in never, because it was too embarrassing to talk about. All I can say is at least I didn't cry!
This is the beautiful view from the rock. Just a glimpse of all that God can do.
Mr Scott. I'm not sure what he's doing. I guess he's spying on the neighbors.
Ryan looking very cold.

Ryan wants y'all to know that he was the first Pritchett kid to go down.
But Davis officially went down first.
Emily going down the "Little Ledge."
Rachel going down.
This is me going down.

This is everyone watching me hang upside down. Mark, the photographer was kind enough not to take a picture of me upside down.
Here is Mrs. P. with her oldest sons Davis and Nathan.

This is Joel going down upside down (on purpose, unlike me) and Nathan climbing.
Joel? JOEL!?!

Joel, still upside down.

Ryan wanted me to post this picture. It's his favorite.
Mr. Scott. The best instructor EVER! We kids like him a lot. Not many men besides him and my dad would be willing to take a bunch of teenagers rappelling.
This is "The Rock"
I'm not sure why Rachel looks so bored in this picture. I'm sure she had fun though.

Michael says that Joel is his favorite so he want me to post this picture for y'all.

Michael says Nathan is his second favorite so I should post this one too.

And last but not least Jess and Rachel looking lovely in the sunlight. Jess sensibly remained on the ground throughout the day.

Over all, we had a great time and we all want to do that again!

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