Thursday, April 04, 2013

I Was Eowyn!

Which Lord of the Rings Character are You?
Beautiful and strong, the Lady Éowyn of Rohan is the niece of King Théoden. Despite her noble blood, Éowyn is not one to shy from combat. Adept with sword and shield, the Lady is quite capable of defending herself. When the men of Rohan leave to do battle in defense of their realm, Éowyn gets a horse and secretly joins them. She kills the greatest of the nine Ringwraiths in order to save her father.
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I must say I was thrilled to see that I was Eowyn. I have always liked her. Some people don't, but of course I have never read the books. Maybe she's not that great. One day I will read the books and decide if I like her or not...

I was a little confused when I took the Little Dorrit quiz immediately afterward and I was Flora. I think either something is wrong or I don't know how to take quizzes! I never would have thought that these two had anything in common!

result image
Arthur's crazy ex-girlfriend. Flustered, madly in love, talkative, bright, chipper, insane. You are a lovable character that adds humor to the book. Congrats!

Wow! That really sums it all up! "Madly in love!" And I didn't even know!
Anyway, just thought I would share all that with you through a silly post so you all can know what I'm up to!
Except... after this y'all are probably going to wonder what I really am up to? Am I saving the world through my Eowyn bravery or reminiscing, Flora fashion, about my true love that I didn't know existed?

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