Friday, March 19, 2010

I Have A Request To Make


I drew this picture and now I am trying to finish it up and I wanted some advise on it.
The very top picture is what I wanted it to "look" like and all the others are what it ended up looking like.
I had trouble with the face and scroll and I need a little advise even if you just tell me
"I think the eyes are too high"
or something like that you don't even need to have drawn a picture in your life.


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

My ideas would be-

~Her feet planted more firmly on the ground.

~Extra shadding on her skirt.

~Her eyes seem to be looking forward well her face is looking a different way.

~Scrolls are very hard to draw- I think you did a good job!


Those are my ideas! Have fun drawing! I like to work with a lot of shadding and such. Looking at a picture works well or photoshoping a photograph to be a pencil drawing may help.


Miss Breezy said...

Hello Erin,

I think you did very well. The few tweakings Shiloh mentioned are good. Some shading beneath the swing, and slight indication of waves and folds in the skirt might do the trick.

Also, you did a great job on the hands. :)

You mentioned that her eyes look a little high. I've read, and found that's it's true, that as a general rule, everyone's eyes are directly in between the top of the head and bottom of the chin.

Hope that helps! Keep up the good work!

Miss Breezy said...

Yes, Erin, that would be just fine. Leave me a comment any time!