Wednesday, December 01, 2010

In Loving Memory...

I'm probably the person in our family who complains most about the pets.
"They're dirty, they eat everything, etc."

But the other day when Jessica told me that Coca had been missing for several days I realized just how much I liked him.

He would always come and greet me when I walked outside and what did I do?
I would yell: "Shoo, shoo, you dirty cat!"

He was so funny when he would waddle across the yard to the porch everyday at breakfast.
Not anymore.

Sweet "Tubby" as we so fondly called him has run away and I miss him.

I look out the window sometimes hoping to see him waddling across the yard to me but he isn't.
If he ever does I will run to greet him and give him a big bowl of food because I've missed him and that's what he always liked best.

Last night I heard a cat meowing out in the woods so I got a flashlight and ran out to go see if I could find the cat but it was only Susan our other cat that is not lost.

I have a statue of a cat that looks just like he did that I keep to remember him by.
Some people may think it's silly, but it's not.
It's sad that our favorite cat has disappeared.

I pray now that he will come back to the family who loved him most.

We loved you Coca.

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