Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Have you ever thought about the twelve days of Christmas?

When you start to think about it you realize that the
"True Love"
does not seem to be very wise with their money.

After all have you ever thought about the cost of having 12 partridges,
12 pear trees,
22 turtle doves,
30 french hens,
36 calling birds,
40 golden rings,
42 geese a~laying,
42 swans a~swimming,
40 maids a~milking,
36 ladies dancing,
30 lords a~leaping,
22 pipers piping,
and 12 drummers drumming all shipped to your true love?

Not to mention all of the accessories that are needed:
Cages for the 130 birds(that does not include some for the the partridges and swans),
a pond for the swans to "a~swim" in,
A barn+40 cows+40 stools and buckets for the "a~milking" maids,
22 pipes for the pipers and 12 drums.

This is getting a little crazy!!!

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