Saturday, February 05, 2011

#14 A Vacation That You Would Like To Take

Well I have something to say.

It is going to come as a shock so prepare yourself.

But to tell the truth.
(I don't really like to vacation).

I'm sorry!
I'm probably the only person in the U.S.; in the Americas; in fact the WHOLE WORLD who doesn't look forward to vacations.

Who doesn't look forward to going to the beach during Summer Vacation or shopping in New York!

I'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't dream of touring Paris or floating in canals in Venice or sipping tea in a tea shoppe in London while watching the rain fall outside.

I'm sorry but that's the way I am.
I like to stay home and do the things that I do everyday.

I do like to look at pictures of Ireland and Scotland with all the rolling hills of lush green grass with little fluffy white sheep (and some cows) grazing atop them.

I like quaint things.
Like little cottages with little cottage gardens.

and beautiful views of landscapes.

And that is where I would like to vacation if I liked to vacation.

The End.

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