Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Our Day Of Filming At "The Courthouse"

Jess or Rach usually beat me to the exciting blog posts but this time I was determined to post the photos of us filming at "The Courthouse" before they did.

Yesterday we filmed some scenes for our next movie at our church.
We filmed with some very sweet friends and had a blast!!!
We had so much fun and everyone was so funny that my stomach hurt from laughing so hard all of the time.
Here are a few of the photos that we took while there:

Everyone liked trying on the judges robes.

Rach in the judges robes.

Uh... not really sure what he's doing.

Jamie models her hat.

Jonathan models Jamie's hat.

Uh.. not really sure what he's doing.

Sarah all ready to film.

Ryan as the Judge.

Michael as the Judge.
For some reason we have lots of photos of other people playing the judge but none of Nathan who actually played the judge for the movie.

Uh... not really sure what he's doing.

I forgot my lines.
And again.
And again.

Jamie all ready to film.

Jonathan and Joel as the "Bad Guys" get "The Lecture."

Jonathan as "The Indian Brave."

Jonathan as... hmm...

And Jess, a very tired director.

And so, of course, we are all thrilled to be almost done with our movie for the year, and we can't wait for the day of Film Festival to come!!!


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