Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I Have Been Doing These Past Few Days

I have been expanding my garden lately, and I am planting a new bed of Black Eyed Susan's.

I reorganized my (very large) CD drawer where I keep all of my (many) CD's and tapes.

I am designing an arbour for my Moonflowers (more on that later).

I am LOVING my rose garden that is in full swing now that the Japanese Beetles are gone!!! 

We got all of these shipping pallets from a mattress company and we are  taking them apart to use the wood for a small garden fence(and my arbour)!!!

We attended Ryan' first Boy Scout Court of Honor this past Monday where he was awarded rank of scout and got to present Mommy with a ribbon as a thank you for supporting him.

We are building a fence right now.
As of today we have dug the holes, and put in the posts for one whole side.
Only three more sides to go!!!

 We(ok, fine I) also dug up our neighbor's phone and internet.
Oops! :)

A few weeks ago a local church hosted a benefit concert and dinner to help out the April 27th tornado victims.
There was Gospel/Contry music, food and LOTS of good fellowship with close friends.
Here are a few photos from the party.

 This is a family that we know that sang/played some. 

And that finishes up my blog post for the day!
See you in a little while.

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Taralyn Rose said...

Hey Erin!!!
Sounds like you've been upto a lot! I guess summer does that to one.

Have you finished school or do you do it all the way through the year?

I really enjoyed this post and I like your new blog design.


Taralyn Rose~