Monday, January 09, 2012

Been Gone A While

Well I'm back after me long break from the blogger world.
In that time I have:
  1. played violin for two Christmas concerts,
  2. had a simply splendid Christmas,
  3. been to a family "reunion" of sorts,
  4. been to a friends house and then mourned the passing of their grandmother,
  5. said goodbye to some very dear friends who moved far, far, away(3 hours!),
  6. played numerous games of football with family and neighbors, 
  7. been to a lot of church functions,
  8. went to my first talent show ever (I did NOT participate in it though :),
  9. updated my blog design,
  10. had the MOST AWESOME January EVER(it's as green as Spring down here!!!),
  11. decided that I like contemporary hymns (oh my!),
  12. made a Selah station in my Pandora account(what did I ever do before Pandora?) so that I can enjoy contemporary hymns to my hearts content,
  13. been to two boyscout things and rooted for my little bro,
  14. got brand new sheet music for Christmas (EPIC! as Michael would say),
  15. finally admitted to myself that I can't sing to save my life(sob...),
  16. decided not to make new years resolutions so that I don't feel bad come 2013,
  17. found out that Jess and I will be helping a friend coordinate a wedding with 22 attendants(whoa Nelly!),
  18. built a 750 piece puzzle in one weekend!!!
  19. how that LSU would beat Bama so that I don't have listen to my friends tell me how great their team is, 
  20. I learned how to play RISK... well sort of.
Well I think that about wraps things up.
Notice that "I wrote thank you notes to all of my family and friends" is not on the list.
Hmmm... maybe I should remedy that this afternoon. :)
So now you see why I have not posted in a while, but I am back!
Have no fear I will post again!!! 
Maybe tomorrow I will give a summery of all that happened last year... 
Maybe not.
That would be a long list.

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