Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Very Happy Birthday, And A Wedding

The Birthday
The day before Sarah's birthday Daddy and Ryan were on a camping trip and the girls were at home cleaning when we got a phone call from a dear friend at church, Anna C..
As it turned out Anna's family(which I will now refer to as the "H" family) was in town and we had been wanting to meet them for a long time so this presented the perfect opportunity to FINALLY meet them!!!
So we had them over after church for lunch, a birthday party and a game of soccer!!!
Here are a few photos:

LtoR: Heidi, Rachel holding Margret, Mr. H.'s head, Mrs. H., Philip, and Josh and Anna.
BTW Heidi is 2nd violin in a string quartet. 
You should go check out their website HERE.
William and Michael are just as excited as Sarah was.

Emily, Lydia, Jamie, Rebekah

The Wedding
So how did the wedding coordinating go?
The wedding went really well.
To start things off Rachel had a simply awful reaction to Poison Ivy the day before, but she made us promise to take photos... so we did!!!
Here they are...

With a few random thoughts from your truly.

Here are the wreaths of Baby's Breath. They were very simple and pretty which is something I really liked.

One of the bridesmaids curling the littlest bridesmaid's hair.

All of the ladies in the wedding together.

All of the groomsmen playing on the swing-set.

The lovely bouquets.

The whole wedding party.

And more of the wedding party.

Over all I really enjoyed the wedding coordinating.
It was a lot of work but it was fun work and I got to meet and work with new people which is always fun for me. 
This wedding party was very fun to work with.
They were very laid back and had a good sense of humor and I knew a lot of them, which made it very easy to joke around with them and tell them what to do! :)
I can't wait for the next wedding on February the 25th!

So there it is!

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