Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Missing You Dear Garden...

I love Spring.
And somewhere in this beautiful 50* weather I can manage to wish for spring.
But I have good news: Despite the fact that it is still January the Calorie Pears are just starting to bloom and the Daffodils are yellow and bright!
I am thrilled!!!
But Winter is still hanging over us and I can't help but recall the Sweet Days of Summer when my Roses were in full bloom and the Zinnias were there to greet me every time I walked out the back door.
Then I found these photos in the back of the files of the computer.
Here are a few photos of my garden from last year:
My favorite rose. (Shush. Don't tell my other roses...)

My wittle baby zinnias. Aren't they cute?

My very first Dalia I have ever grown.

I love these flowers that pop up everywhere in our yard.

My sickly rose. BTW banana peels are very good for your roses.

My Anonymous bulbs( I have no clue what they were).

And my awesome arbor that my dad built for me.
Well there it is. My Dear Garden.
I can't wait 'till Spring when I can start the whole process over again and spend time with my flowers again!!!

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