Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Lake House

Here is the post about our trip to the lake house that I said I would post. 

The porch during the huge downpour that made the lake look so beautiful.
Rachel, Mommy and Jess cooking in the awesome kitchen.
Jamie having fun drinking water. That's fun, right?
Rachel picking her bedroom.
Ryan being eaten by a Zebra.
The little kids having dinner the first night there out on the screened~in porch.
Rachel enjoying canoeing despite the fact that she's not going anywhere.
Michael doing what he loves most... reading.
Michael learned to swim while we were there.

Play~mobil break!
Everyone loved the pool table especially Ryan and me!

Daddy loved the dining room table the most and has decided to make one himself.

Mommy canoeing with the little kids.

Me canoeing by myself.

A quaint picture of Rachel.

The Living room.

Sarah had fun canoeing under the dock.

Rachel LOVED the swings.
Michael telling everyone what we are going to do.
Ryan on our bike trip.
Rachel after our bike trip.
All of us on our bike trip.
The beautiful lake at sunset.
Ryan fishing.
Sarah fishing.
Jamie fishing.
All of us on the dock to say one last good bye before heading home.

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