Saturday, April 07, 2012

What Orchestral Instrument Are You?

I found this on a blog a while back, and after most of my family took the test we discovered that between all of us, and all of our different personalities we have a pretty good start on an orchestra!
I was a Bassoon, I get tickled every time I read: "when you speak your mind... your thoughts become famous." I'm not real sure about that part... or the "possess wisdom beyond your years" part either, but the rest is very "me."

What Orchestral Instrument are You?
When most people think of you they are immediately reminded of your subtle, quiet sense of humor. It seems like you are always laughing, and your quip-like commentary on otherwise serious statements is hilarious. But, you can also be incredibly serious too, and when you speak your mind with gravity your thoughts become famous. You possess wisdom beyond your years, and your subtle sense of humor is just one expression of that.
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