Monday, September 13, 2010

A Cheerful Good Bye

This is the first photo we ever posted on this blog.

And this is the first photo I posted when I decided to post for a year.

And this was yesterdays post; my last one.

I can't decide which one was my favorite from the whole year so please comment on the post you liked best and tell me if it was your favorite.

And now for...

my "speech."

Well this is it.
My good bye.
And as I don't have very many parting words to say, I borrowed a few from
a friend who also posted photos for a year and who has better grammar they I do(you can see his photos HERE).

Here they are (edited slightly):

Today I have posted for a 1 year and I'm done.
As I was thinking about the experience of posting per day… I reflected a little on the frustration of *needing* to post a photo.
I felt like it forced me sometimes to put up photos of lesser quality, or without any story of how it was made or why I liked it.
I don't want to do that any more.

So as of today, now that I've reached my milestone, I'm going to stop *needing* to post a photo every day.
If I have photos, I'll post them every now and then.

But I won't dig back in my archives(or borrow someone else'), and dress up some old photo just to keep up the "high score."
I'm only going to post a photo if I really think it's quality, and I'll also really take the time to write something good to go along with it(or try).

(Erin again)
Here is the deal:
I found posting every day to be just a wee bit exhausting.
I mean every day I had to find the time to get on the computer, open up the page,pick a photo(that was REALLY hard), think of a title(or a least try),etc.

And I'm also going to try to limit my computer time a bit more.
I may end up posting often or you may never hear from me again.
Only time will tell.

I'm also thinking of expanding my blog
(just a wee bit).
Seeing as how I LOVE music so much it will end up being more of a photography/music blog.
Is that okay with everyone???

And in honor of that: does everyone know what a "Wolf Tone" is???


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Well... I wish a VERY sad fairwell!

About "Wolf Tones"... I've always seen those eliminators in the Shar catalog but never knew what they were for. Ha, ha! Now I do!

Hope to see another post soon!

Love your faithful blog looker-at-er,

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I don't get it??? You are done posting or not as often??


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I don't get it??? You are done posting or not as often??


Seven Sisters said...

I know what a wolf tone cello has it on the E, especially when playing the E on the G if that makes any sense :)