Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Have A New Favorite Composer!!!

Aaron Copland is fun!!!
I've always been a little prejudice about him because he was slightly more recent (1944)and I have never really liked music from that time period because it always seemed to sound well... "messy" I guess could describe it.
You know, odd harmony at times, different sections of the orchestra seem to be almost fighting against each other to be heard, things like that.

Yes I know that that is what the composer wanted but I have always liked how Vivaldi, Bach and all the other composers like them kept all their instruments together, playing happily.
And don't even get me started on how unpredictable Brahms' music is!

But I will be prejudice no more!
It all started when I would play violin with my friend Ren.
She would always ask me if I had ever heard "Rodeo".
Well I hadn't but then the other day my mom found THIS website.
THIS is "Rodeo". You have to listen to it!
And another pretty one that he wrote is Appalachian Spring.
After I heard those songs I got a Aaron Copland CD at the library and I am enjoying listening to it.
I am also enjoying not having to blog everyday but I will try to get so more of the camping photos up soon!

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