Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Favorite Website EVER!!!

I LOVE sheetmusic!!!
Of course I do. Who doesn't???
It tells you how to play all of your favorite pieces.
That if you can find it.
And that is why I love!!!
For about a year and half I sat in my room with my violin; confined to hymns, Christmas songs and bluegrass fiddle tunes.
There's nothing wrong with those pieces but if you love Classical music as much as I do you get kind of bored and playing the violin isn't as much fun as all your friends at church and biblestudy(who play The Great Classics)make it out to be .

Until one day...

The International Music Score Library Project walks into your life.
The free public domain music library.
Online since February 16, 2006 · 29,567 works · 73,532 scores · 1,135 recordings · 4,223 composers · 37 performers

It was "love at first pageview"!!!
That is where I get almost all my classical sheetmusic now!!!

Everything from Canon in D to Polonaise de Concert!!!

Before you know it you are playing fun pieces you never even knew existed!!!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I like that website too!


Seven Sisters said...

Wow! I am going to have to check that website out :D We love Sheet Music Plus, Sibelius Music, and J.W. Pepper when we are looking for songs to play or sing together :D

I just realized today that a while back when you asked for the url for the playlist image, you were asking for the image on the PLAYLIST, and not the blog, right?! My sister pointed that out to me! Anyhow, if you'd still like the url, here it is! Sorry for my mixup!