Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Sad Saga Of The Lost Story or Day #3 A Favorite Book

Once upon a time,
a time not too long ago,
there was a young girl who read a story.

She loved it so much that as soon as she reached the last page she immediately started the story over again.
But the time came to return that book to the library and the girl forgot the title and the author and everything about that book except that she loved it very much.
So from that day on that girl
(who is 15 now and knows better)
writes down the title of her favorite books.

#1 Stradivarius' Genius by I don't know
#2(have you ever noticed that I always have multiple answers?)Radical by David Platt
#3 The Pioneer Woman Cookbook

P.S. I changed me song choices. Am I allowed to do that?

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